Mezzanine Financing

International Mezzanine Project Loans

Mezzanine Loans available for Projects with Credit Enhancement Guarantee.

Global capabilities.

Minimum $7M and up to $10 Billion.

In this example, the bank (investment grade credit rating) may indicate, that to underwrite the $300 million loan, the company will need an additional $70 million on deposit; the number given by the bank will likely include capital reserves to cover any points/fees and/or payment shortfalls (keeping the loan current) during the growth/deployment period. Thus, lender would be the investor who is called upon to invest the $70 million into the company free and clear, without the lender encumbering the cash in any way.

New ventures with substantial support from either the territorial government sponsoring the project, local municipality, or an NGO backing the project, can benefit by utilizing a credit enhancement guarantee, provided by either of these types of institutions, which can be accepted as a backstop to mitigate the underwriter’s risk when underwriting the new venture credit facility. Clearly, an organization with the credibility of the above listed entities would be in a position, if it so decided, to issue such a credit enhancement guarantee, on behalf of the venture. One other option that may be available to a Company, might be the option to have a parent company (a well established company) or a strong credit partner, provide credit enhancement (Guarantor) to the venture, rather than cash, whereby all the capital to be invested will be funded by our mezzanine lender/investor.




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