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At Lendmark Capital, we have access to different loans for your small business.   We can structure several working capital financing.  We have several business loans available right now and mostly No Broker's fee.   We have access to all small lenders.  Depending on your business industry, we have access to daily, weekly and monthly payment lenders.  Contact us!



TERM 6 months to 24 months

Typically 50% less expensive than merchant cash advance

You will be provided a decision in minutes – no obligations

NO Broker's fee

NOT a merchant cash advance

No Collateral


Line of Credit/Term Loan $5,000 to $250,000

-10 minutes application

-quick approval

-if approved, funding as fast as 24 hours

-fixed automated payment daily or weekly.


 For Business to qualify:

 Must be at least 1 year old

Must be Incorporated

Revenue of at least $100,000

Principal's credit score is at least 600 in Canada and 500 in USA




You have an opportunity to buy $30,000 worth of inventory for $20,000 if you buy in the next week. A $20,000  loan paid back over 6 months gets you money you need, netting you a savings of $7,000.


Using a $50,000 loan with a 12-month term, you can expand your business and net an additional $30,000 this year. After paying off the cost of the loan at $7,500, you gain a profit of $22,500.


Serving over 700 different selected industries.


(Term up to 18 months)  CANADA ONLY

No Broker's fee.


Loans are available for select professionals.

Application-only qualifying loan limits vary with the profession:


• $50,000for MDs,Dentists, Dentist and Veterinarians;

• $35,000 for Architect.

• $25,000 for Lawyers,Notary Publics, Accountant, Architects, Optometrist, Denturist.


Designed for stable or growing professional practices with the ability to manage short-term unsecured debt.

Have you been practicing for two or more years?

Is your professional practice stable and/or growing?

Do you have regular deposits into your business bank account?

Do you have an average or better credit profile?



Apply now!  Contact for 1 page application.  NO Broker's fee.

Small Business Loans for General including; (Canada)

Borrow from 5K to 50K

Unsecured Loan

Term from 3 months to 18 months

No Broker's fee


Construction contractors--all types

Auto repair/autobody/custom auto & motorcycle shops and related

Transportation, hauling, delivery services

Coffee shops including franchised and non-franchised operators

Pool and yard maintenance, landscaping

Blinds, painting, decorating, draperies

Heavy equipment operators - all types

Janitorial contractors

Oilfield support service contractors

Food processors & manufacturers

Franchise Operators

and many more...


Business must be Incorporated

2 years old

Principal must have at least 600 credit score

NO Broker's fee

Contact us for more details

Business Lines of Credit

(USA Only)  No Broker's fee


For pre-revenue, start-up funding.

This opportunity is directed toward early-stage companies that may need some business funding to move forward.


Funding amounts are generally $100,000 to $150,000 range.


Two main programs are:


A) Unsecured business lines of credit



           • 680+ FICO Score

           • No Collateral

           • No Income Documents

           • No Financials

           • No Time in Business Requirement

           • No Hidden Costs or Fees


B) Leveraged 401K program



           • 0% APR on Funds

           • Great for Startups

           • 100% Cash Accessible

           • No IRS Penalties

           • 2 to 4 Week Funding Phase

           • $25 K minimum in 401k

Business Line of Credit  (Canada & USA) Broker's fee applies.


Limited covenants

No ownership dilution

No personal guarantees

Flexible payments

No forced exits

Aligned with revenue growth





Established annual revenues greater than $500,000 with high gross margins


Concrete management team with full time commitment to the business


Solid plan for use of funds with near term deployment of invested capital

Line of Credit for SaaS, software and technologies services companies (USA Only) Broker's fee applies


Revenue must be at least $15,000 a month

Gross Margin at least 50%

Profitability not required

Self-Employed Working Capital (Selected States: USA) No Broker's fee.


From traditional retail stores to online and home-based businesses

Incorporated or Self Employed

Borrow from $3,500-250,000

Borrow up to 3X of your monthly gross business income

Business must be 2 months old

Fico must be at least 500

Loan terms from 24 to 120 months

Monthly payment

No Pre-Payment Penalties

Same Day Funding

No Broker's fee

Merchant Business Loans (Canada)  No Broker's fee.


Designed for businesses who might not have debit and credit card sales

No credit score requirements, but below 550 will require more documents

Borrow up to $500K

Daily Payment

Business must be at least 6 months old

No Broker's fee


9)  Merchant Business Loans (USA)  No Broker's fee.


Borrow from $5,000 to $ 1,000,000

No debit/credit processor

Business must be 1 year old

At least $10K a month gross sales




Contact us to apply!




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