Equipment Leasing

We can finance a wide variety of equipment. Following is a brief list of some of the various types of equipment we can finance for your business.


Equipment financing is a powerful financial tool that can help you run and grow your business. Today, more than ever, successful businesses are using lease financing for many of their equipment purchases like heavy machinery, construction equipment, farm equipment etc.

With the ability to lease just about any type of equipment, leasing can help you conserve cash, preserve lines of credit and keep your business on the leading edge. Businesses often choose to lease rather than buy office equipment, including computers and software. Since office equipment depreciates rapidly, leasing can be more cost-efficient than ownership.

Leasing advantages include:

Leasing provides up to 100% of the equipment costs.

Conserves working capital for other purposes.

Additional source of credit.

Reduced payments due to purchase option at lease termination.

Predetermined purchase option or renewal privileges.

Certainty of fixed rates for full term.

Hedges inflation – equipment at today’s prices paid via future earnings.

Lease financing pays for it self – revenues generated by equipment can be utilized to offset financing charges for the equipment.

Ability to upgrade or replace equipment.

Tax advantages.

Operating budget may permit lease when capital budget does not.

Farming/Agricultural Equipment

Audio Visual and Presentation Equipment

Automotive Manufacturing Equipment

Computers and Technology

Industrial Freezing/Cooling Equipment

Forklifts/Hoists and Man Lifts

Heavy Construction Equipment

Industrial Machinery/Manufacturing Equipment

General Office Equipment

Photocopying and Reproduction Equipment

Point of Sale


Health Care/Medical


Security Systems

Golf Carts/Recreational Equipment


Recycling Equipment

Coverall Portable Shelters

Telephone/Communication Systems

Water Cooling Systems

Wood Working (Lathes/Machine Tooling Equipment)

and many more...CONTACT US for a specific equipment that you want to lease/finance.




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