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CEO or President of a company with a unique growth opportunity!

If you're honest about the real cost of traditional financing such as hidden lender fees, appraisals, float losses, appraisals, legal and consulting expenses, then our lending source fixed rate programs are a true value on projects amortized five years or more and with the time value of funding. Our partner is dramatically less complicated than conventional lenders and can fund in 60 days or less.




Banks don't finance entire projects, only 40% to 70%.

Mezzanine lender will fund 20% to 50%.

Venture capitalists and hedge funds provide-say- 10% cash, and take 70% of your company.

This strains projects with 18-month construction schedules.

Our Source payments are fixed and are long-term lenders.


We can arrange 3- to 20-year, fixed rate, amortized loans for up to 100% of projects that have 'Take or Pay' contracts with Investment Grade customers. It's really one-stop shopping for term debt, and our lending source cooperates with banks to get revolving credit lines.

Each deal is unique,  so we have other lending sources including Joint Venture, Private Equity partnership and/or mezzanine financing if your project can't qualify for our project finance.


Lendmark™ deals directly with licensed lenders, private money sources, underwriters, investors, family offices, securitie brokers and other investment groups we have relationships with.


When it comes to funding your project we do not use the conventional world of guidelines and parameters that you would find at a conventional lender or banking institution. This gives us the ability to be extremely creative in the way we structure our financing with our partners, this is why we are able to get even the most complex of deals done.


Through our network of private debt & equity partners, conduits and other banks worldwide regardless of the situation at hand, we can make your project attainable (Subject to investors/lenders approval).


Our investors/lenders may have interest in Joint Venture (JV) financing partnership opportunities as well as Debt, Equity and Mezzanine financing. Interest rates vary on a project-by-project basis.


Terms may range up to 25 years with interest only option may be available on a project per project basis, rates and terms are depending upon the program provided to us by our investor. 


Most of our Investors/Lenders/Conduits expect to see a full professional presentation package that should include


:•Executive Summary and / or complete Proefessional Business Plan

•Pro Forma Balance Sheet

• Financials

• Contract Agreements

•Profile with resumes

•Expected breakdown of sources and uses of funds




If approved, all loan processing costs must be paid by borrower, and can be reimbursed from loan proceeds on closing.

Energy Project:  Up to 100% LTV Canada & USA and selected International with Government guarantees or S&P/Moody rating corporate guarantees with BBB or better or other guarantees. 

Each project is a case-by-case basis.​

Preferred deals starting from US$10M+.


Commercial Real Estate Project:  Up to 85% LTV or higher.

Each real estate deal is unique.  Higher LTV may consider, but subject to the lender's approval.

Check our International Project Finance  Debt/Equity with high LTV.


Benefits of Hiring our Team:


One institutional investor, rather than hundreds or thousands of smaller ones.

Fast, efficient and cost-effective closings (our lender will pay for the origination and preparation of all closing documents).

FASB-approved off-balance sheet financing structures that add value to energy savings systems and solutions.

Incentives that encourage landlords to do business with your company.




Our International Project Financing (Debt or Debt/Equity) is available now including but not limited to;




Alternative Power Energy

      -Power Plants

Government Initiative Project  including



      -Landfill Gas to Energy

Commercial Real Estate Project including (Up to 85% LTV)


       -Student Housing

       -Nursing Homes

       -Hotels and many more


Contact us for a free consultation regarding your project. 

Government Leasing & Project Development Programs


These Programs are becoming a very popular option in the field of Business Finance, as these programs offer options that no Standard Bank, Investment entity, or Lending operation can offer. Up to 100 % financing.  Tax Advantages, and faster processing times.


Leasing & Project Development Programs are designed for projects that either include;


creating or constructing a project or facility,

providing a service directly to,or with

a qualified Government (Municipality, State, or Federal)

a qualified Private or Public sector company.



These programs are also available


directly to a qualified Government and/or their agencies,

a qualified Private or Public sector

company, to obtain financing needed for a project or service that they wish to create or employ.




If approved, all loan processing costs must be paid by borrower, and can be reimbursed from loan proceeds on closing. 





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