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International Project Finance

International Project Finance Program (Real Estate & Energy)

Purchase | Refinance | Acquisition | Construction | Development |

Energy | Mining | Oil/Gas



Updated Countries (as of 12118/2017) that we can help with arranging project financing;

Australia, Belize, Bermuda,

Canada,Caribbean – most island areas,

Denmark, Germany, Great Britain (UK)

France, Iceland, Italy,

Jamaica, Japan,

Mexico, Netherlands,

Norway, Peru,

Portugal, Spain,

Sweden, Switzerland,

United Kingdom,


Puerto Rico, Guam



​Must have 3% Liquid reserves at time of submission

Inerest Rate 3-4% fixed of up to 10 years term with 25 years amortization

Non recourse

Lender is BBB with A+rating for 15+ years

Lender is Licensed/Regulated

60-90 days closing

Debt Financing--Up to 80% LTV. Up to 100% LTC (80% stabilized LTV)

Debt/Equity Financing-80.1% to 100% (Equity Dilution 40-50%) with Exit Strategy

US Currency starting from $5M to Billion++

We will work directly with the Borrower

Lender Fee is 3-5% point

Our Success Fee is 1% point on closing

Signed NCA/NDA


Lender's fee/Due Diligence Fee (3rd party expenses--lawyer/accountant/underwriting fees) in escrow. Refundable if not approved as part of the contract!!! NO risk! Can talk to previous successful project clients

Legal/Docs fees( expenses at time of final commitment)

What We Need to Review the Deal (Complete details):

Executive Summary (complete and detailed with blue prints/draw schedules,etc.)

Resume/Bio of Principals (must have experience or previous success projects)

Source/Uses of Funds

3% Proof of Reserves

5 years Pro-forma in US $Dollar & Country Currency

Any additional supporting documents​

Lawyer's information

Step-By-Step Process:

Complete submission of documents

Lending Commitment Review

LOI issued to Client

Conference Call with the Principals

Initial Approval/Commitment

Office visit/Presentation--will meet the lender in person

After meeting with the lender and once the Borrower and the Lender decided to proceed:


Retainer/Due Diligence (Up to US$100K in escrow--refundable unless the application is a fraud)

Full Processing


Site visit by the lender

Final Underwriting

Firm Commitment Issued

Commitment Paid for closing (US$25K)

Closing performed & Fund disbursed

Please inquire if your project country is qualified for our International Project Finance.

To get started, please request an application form.




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