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With Lendmark, you’ll unlock your company’s potential with innovative strategic capital solutions, leverage our long-term lenders and investors relationships in the sector and participate in simple consultancy relationship with us.  We can arrange financing to Innovative technologies like renewable energy as it continues to emerge as promising and profitable solutions to global energy and environmental challenges.


Lendmark provides financing quickly and efficiently. We offer a funding solution that is more flexible than the traditional sources of bank debt and equity investment.


We combine years of experience in financing and renewable enery investment team. Working closely with industry reputable lenders, we aim to tailor investment solutions for energy technologies and services that can deliver robust, predictable returns. And we have access to capital in an array of projects – from solar power, energy from waste and onshore wind to energy efficiency.


Our source including fund managers, underwriters, lenders from pension funds and insurance companies seek out investment opportunities that use proven technologies, offer good visibility on future revenues, are scalable and benefit from government subsidies or strong development partners. And just as importantly, our source looks for projects developed by excellent management team.


We work with different reputable sources including a lender with A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for over 20+ years with no complaints, so you know that you are dealing with real source.  Our time is valuable and we expect the same from serious borrowers. 


For a free Project Finance Consultation, please call us at (604)241-8658 or contact us online if you have any renewable energy project in North America or Worldwide. 



*US$10 million - $500 million +.

Fully amortized Term loans of 5 to 20 years.

Single-payment “bullet loans” with deferred payments from 5 to 7 years.

Irrevocable minimum payment guarantee from Moody’s or S&P investment-grade guarantor.



Our Source requires a written Professional Business Plan with CPA prepaired projections and GAAP financials for the amortization. Upon request we can provide a content outline.

Projects preferred in North America, loans will be in US Dollars and funded under New York State (USA) law. 

Please contact us for International Projects.

*ALL loan processing costs must be paid by borrower, and can be reimbursed from the loan proceeds. 

Lender Retainer fee is from US$10K to $50K depending how big is the project. 

The fee includes third parties due diligence. 

Fee only applies if the project is approved. 

Project Funding usually delivered within 4 weeks of receipt of all paperwork.

Customized repayment plans for your specific project.

Transparency – there are no surprises.

Fixed rates – usually in the high single digits fixed for the entire amortization at interest rates currently at half what most mezzanine or hard money lenders charge.

No penalty is charged for early repayment.

No equity control.


Our debt loan project financing is done on a non-recourse basis and are sold to one institutional investor (example:  one of the top family offices in North America), rather than to hundreds or thousands of smaller investors. Closings are fast and efficient; our source pays for the origination and preparation of all documents for closings. Our Sources are insitutional lenders including pension funds and insurance companies.

Appy Now for Project in North America & Caribbean! 


Debt Loan up to 100% financing with S&P/Moody rating guarantor.

Debt loan available up to 80% LTV without an S&P/Moody rating guarantor.

Debt/Equity structuring also available with equity % dilution.

We have other project finance structuring. Contact us!



Renewable energy is generated from natural resources and is naturally replenished; sources include wind, ocean currents, sunlight, biomass, marine algae, biodegradable waste, small hydroelectric power and geothermal heat. The use of these renewable energy sources can help cut emissions of greenhouse gases while addressing issues of energy security.




Clean transportation technologies are addressing the growing need for cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars, trucks and trains, as well as the ability to utilize alternative fuels. Technologies in clean transportation include next generation biofuel technologies, dual-fuel trucks, electric vehicles for both the consumer and commercial markets, and development of next generation vehicle engines.





Waste management technologies assist with the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal and monitoring of waste materials, with new developments in waste to energy, the reduction of landfill usage and associated gas emissions, and the increase in overall recycling in a variety of industries.



The solar industry is composed of a wide variety of companies that work along the solar energy producing value chain. Companies range from developers and manufacturers of solar panels and thin film, to integrators that analyze wind and weight load and develop mounting systems, to installers and system financiers.



Environmental solutions assist with the reduction and/or capture of the principal pollutants that have negative effects. They include technologies such as retro-fits on power plants that reduce or capture flue pollutants, cleaner burning fuels and engines, and other control devices. Other solutions include natural resource management and carbon credits.



Power infrastructure improvements change the way we convert, transport, deliver and store energy. Developments in power infrastructure technology include improved high-voltage lines and power distribution equipment, advance metering devices and systems, high-discharge rechargeable batteries and other energy storage solutions.



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